SkyWalk Ninja Class

Do you want to be the next American Ninja Warrior? Do you want to gain the agility, strength and will to be the next ninja warrior? Come join our new Skywalk Ninja classes to learn how to beat all the obstacles and become a human machine of movement. You can get up the wall. You can get across the cliffhangers. You can be a ninja warrior. Come join us and see it happen!


Ages 7 - 13 ................... 6pm - 7pm

Ages 14 & Up ............... 7pm - 8pm


Coming soon.......


See if you're NINJA enough to conquer the...

  • The Gutter Run
  • Floating Foam
  • Rope Forest
  • Monkey Bridge
  • Joust Beam
  • Rock Wall
  • Tire Swings
  • Spider Wall
  • Rope Bridge
  • Cargo Ramp
  • Gauntlet


Gabe Hurtado

Born and raised in Fresno, CA. He has always been an active kid, from climbing on everything to playing in many sports and various martial arts. Gabe has always liked to be busy doing something and just have fun at the same time. Growing up, he watched shows like American Gladiators, Guts, Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, MXC, Sasuke & most recently American Ninja Warrior! From watching Sasuke and all the others shows Gabe always thought to himself “I can do that!” Well it turns out, HE CAN!

Gabe first got his shot at trying actual ANW obstacles in August 2013 at the CCNWTC in Clovis, CA. He simply Google’d ‘Ninja Warrior training centers around Fresno, CA’ and found his new “home!” After his first training session he fell in love and did really well, being able to do most of the Stage 1 obstacles except the infamous Warped Wall. Since then, Gabe has been training really hard at getting better and stronger to do well in competition! He has competed in 3 local tournaments and tried out for ANW6, all in less than a year of training. He didn’t get picked for ANW6, but camped out to be a walk on in the Venice Region. Unfortunately he didn’t get his chance to run the course. He was however, a course tester and got the promo footage to prove it! Now his focus is continuing to get better in every way and prepare for ANW7 and help others out in learning the ways of the NINJA!

News & Events

Ninja Warrior and Parkour Training

Ages 7-13 .......... 6pm-7pm
Ages 14 & Up .... 7pm-8pm


Ninja Warrior Tournament

Coming soon........


10432 Hwy 41
Madera, CA

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