Own the Summer - Wild Card Pass for $10


30-day Pass for $10

We intend to make this the best summer ever. From now until August 15, you can come in and get a Wild Card after (or when) you purchase your flight ticket. The Wild Card gets you a 1-hour admission into the park for the next 30 days. (Doing the math in your head? It’s $0.33 per day for one hour each. Yeah, it’s crazy.)

How to get your Wild Card:

  1. Buy a flight pass (1 hour, 2 hours, online or in-park)
  2. Ask for the Wild Card upgrade ($10 per person)
  3. Rock out for the next 30 days


Your Wild Card is a pass that gets you into the park one hour every day for the next 30 days. You can purchase one at the park when you buy your flight pass (if you bought your flight pass online, just ask for the Wild Card when you check in at the park), and it’s non-transferrable (so back off, thieving friends!). Extra time and additional purchases are available at their regular price.